Hearing protection

Disposable earplugs, custom moulded earplugs, earmuffs, etc. Many solutions exist to protect hearing in your company. Which model to choose ? For what use ? In this category, find out how to choose the PICB best suited to your employees' needs.

How are your Cotral Lab moulded ear plugs made ?

The comfort of hearing protection is a key element in the success of your struggle against occupational deafness. It is difficult to match the moulded caps because they can be worn for a whole day's work. How are they made ? Discover it in this article !

Which IHPD is best suited to your requirements ?

The choice of IHPD impacts on the success of your action to prevent noise damage : a PPE that is not suitable will not be worn. So how do you identify which is the most suitable ?

5 conventional wisdoms on hearing protection

Custom hearing protectors are expensive ... The more the sound is attenuated, the more the employee is protected... What is it really ? How to deal with these findings ?