Prevention / Hearing risks

Because employees trained in the dangers of noise at work protect themselves better, it is essential to make awareness the extension of protection. In this category, benefit from tools and advices to raise your team's awareness and implement a security policy in your company.

How does the human ear work ?

The ear is a fragile organ that must be taken care of. Find out about how an ear in perfect condition works and compare it with one suffering hearing loss, the consequences of hearing loss and how best to protect your hearing.

Fight against noise in your company

For many people, well-being at work equates to the availability of a gym, well-being workshops etc. On the other hand, we often forget that noise is one of the major negative impacts of quality of life at work. Discover how to fight noise at work.

An employee suffering from noise nuisance in an open space

The custom made noise reducing ear plug Clear is adapted to eliminate noise nuisance in the service sector and particularly in open spaces.